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22 September
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Hello. Welcome to ursamarita, a place where I write about whatever. My name is Stephanie and I’m a nineteen year old sophomore in college. I plan to be an elementary school teacher (with a concentration in English). Some of my favorite things to do include reading, watching movies, writing, drawing, playing video games, etc.

This livejournal is locked; friends only please. But please do not be afraid to friend me. After reading the friends post, just comment to be added. Thank you very much.

The journal layout code was created by refuted. Mood theme scans were found at Be With You Scans. Profile layout, color schemes, and mood theme created by me. Journal features Doumeki Shizuka and Watanuki Kimihiro from CLAMP's xxxholic series.

These are the stamps that I have received at various rating communities. Hover over each image to see the character and the community name (click to go to the community).

Mori @ ouran_stampingz Hatori @ furuba_rating Guy @ abyssrating Clone Syaoran @ tsubasarcrating Doumeki (xxxholic) @ tsubasarcrating Tsumugi @ cagayake_rating Kira @ bleach_rating Blue @ wolfs_rating Rika @ clow_ratings Riku @ keybladerating Healer/Pure Mage @ jrpgrating Kingdom Hearts (World) @ jrpgrating Silent Hero (Archetype) @ jrpgrating